Policies and Procedures

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Drop off and Pick-up Policies:

  • Doors will open for each class at five minutes prior to the start time (rain or shine).

  • Drop-off and pick-up will be at our studio door.

  • As we do not have a waiting room, parents or guardians are not permitted inside the studio. This is in compliance with safety and insurance regulations.

  • Students should arrive dressed for class, whenever possible, to avoid disruptions during transition times.

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Safety Policies:

  • No food, gum or drink is allowed in the studio (with the exception of bottled water).
  • Students should not be sent to class if they are ill (fever or vomiting), for the safety of the entire class. 
  • To help avoid injury, students should arrive to class on time for a proper warm-up.  
  • If a student causes damage to the studio, the parent will be held responsible.
  • PSPA reserves the right to revoke membership in any class if a student is violent or disruptive toward another student or the instructor.
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Class/Level Policies:

  • Promotions to higher class levels will be decided by the teacher (by invitation or audition).
  • Waitlisted classes will allow students in, in the order which they inquired about a class. 
  • Dance students must wear dance attire and must tie their hair back for class.
  • Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. 
  • Dance students must put their names in their dance shoes. PSPA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


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  • Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. 
  • Participation in the end-of-semester showcase is contingent upon attendance and is at the discretion of PSPA staff. More than four absences may result in a student being unable to perform in the showcase.
  • Whenever possible, students should notify the studio of any absences ahead of time (text: 917-622-0630). 
  • Classes must be made up within two weeks of the missed class or they expire.
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Makeup Classes:

  • No makeups may be taken within one month of the end of semester.
  • Makeups do not apply to those using gift certificates. 
  • Make-up classes are based upon the already established schedule for the new term and may take place on another day and time, and sometimes with a different teacher.
  • Make-up classes may only be taken in a class which is similar to the original class, as determined by the teacher.
  • Make-ups may not be done during a student’s regularly scheduled class, only a different class. 
  • Make-up classes may not be applied to any special classes or summer camps.
  • Make-ups may only be used by students who are current with their tuition.
  • There is a limit of two make-up classes, per student, per semester.
  • Studio closings due to bad weather will entitle each student to a make-up class, NOT A REFUND OR CREDIT.

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Tuition Policies:

  • Registration requires an up-front payment of $50 registration/performance fee, and first month’s tuition. 
  • *IMPORTANT – Tuition is due during the first class of every month.
  • There is a $10.00 per student, per class late fee added to payments made after the week they are due.
  • Payments made after the first class of each month must be made in cash – this will be strictly enforced, along with the late fee. Checks or credit card payments will not be accepted after the first week.
  • If your tuition is more than two weeks late, your card on file will be charged, including a $15 late fee.
  • Failure to pay outstanding tuition will result in the loss of your child’s space in the class and his/her not being permitted to perform in the end of semester showcase.  
  • Payment can be made in cash, credit or check. If you choose to pay with a credit card, there is a small service fee(3%).
  • All checks are to be made payable to Park Slope Performing Arts. Cash is acceptable as well. There is a $35 fee for bounced checks.
  • The PSPA season is broken down into 2 billing terms. It is assumed when a student registers, they are registering for the full season. However, your commitment is a billing term. Withdrawal from classes mid-semester must be done in writing 4 weeks prior to a student’s leaving a particular class, to avoid incurring one month’s tuition as cancellation fee.
  • Voice lessons must be cancelled within 12 hours of the lesson, or the card on file will be charged for the price of the lesson.